About Us

Diet Easy focuses on your overall wellness and fitness. We provide diet plans that are prepared and regulated by our dietitians. We are just a call away from you and we promise a healthy living life style for you.Which we believe in too.

We have well-trained dietitians and nutritionist for your support and health care. Our diets are full of nutritional values… So, eat well, live well, with Diet Easy.

Diet Easy is committed to offer and provide a well distributed nutritional value meal for people that are willing to have a healthier and a better living. We are working on our motto “let your diet speak instead of you”.

Diet Easy strives through personal diets and nutritional counseling along with positive guidance from our dietitian and trained staff to give you the motivation needed to achieve permanent success. Diet Easy will help reduce the health risks associated with obesity and other illnesses by providing a safe and efficient program tailored for each individual requirement, in a supportive environment focused on fast, friendly customer service.

Our team composes of:

  • Our Diet Planning Nutritionist Will Determine Your Personal Needs and Right Portion Size.
  • Our Executive Chief Will Cook and Prepare Your Delicious Meal Plans and Add Your Personal Seasoning.
  • Our Meal Packaging Team Will Arrange the Meal Boxes and Will Confirm the Specific Food Choices Each Client Picked.
  • Our Customer Care Agent Will Always Be There to Answer Any Concerns and Try to Service You in The Best Way.
  • Our Delivery Company Will Deliver the Meal Boxes at The Right Time and at The Right Place.